Juvenile Law Section Bylaws



Article I

1.1 Creation. The Juvenile Law Section (hereinafter "Section") is established pursuant to the
Utah State Bar to accomplisb the purposes set forth herein.
1.2 Purpose. The purpose of the Section shall be to assist its members and all interested
members of the Bar:
a. By providing high quality continuing legal education ("CLE") opportunities to
attorneys practicing in Juvenile Court,
b. By providing opportunities and forums for attorneys practicing in Juvenile Court to
network and exchange ideas regarding practice, legal issues and other issues relating to
the practice of law in Juvenile Court.
c. By monitoring legal and political issues relevant to the practice of law in Juvenile
d. To undertake such other service as may be of benefit to the Section's members, the
legal community and the public.
1.3 Limitations. These Bylaws are adopted subject to applicable Utah Statutes and the Bylaws
of the Utah State Bar.
1.4 Principal Office. The principal office of the Section shall be maintained in the offices of the
Utah State Bar.
1.5 Fiscal Year. The fiscal year of the Section shall coincide with that of the Utah State Bar.

Article 2

2.1 Enrollment of Attorney Members. Any member of the Utah State Bar in good standing may,
upon request to the Executive Director of the Bar, be enrolled as an Attorney Member by
payment of the annual Section dues in an amount and for the purposes approved by the Board of
Commissioners of the Utah State Bar.
2.2 Enrollment of Affiliate Members. Affiliate Members of the Utah State Bar who are
members of the Bar's Legal Assistants Division may enroJJ as Section Affiliate Members. As a
specific condition for membership in the Section, candidates for Section Affiliate Membership
shaJJ take all precautions to assure they do not hold out themselves as being Attorney Members
of the Utah State Bar, and will follow all guidelines and directives from the Section Chair in
connection with the implementation of this requirement. In order to be enrolled as a Section
Affiliate Member, candidates must also pay annual section dues in an amount and for the
purposes determined by the Section leadership and not opposed by the Board of Commissioners
of the Utah State Bar. Section Affiliate Members may not hold office in the Section or vote, but
are otherwise entitled to all of the privileges and benefits of Section membership.
2.3 The Membership. Members enrolled as provided in Section 2.1 and 2.2 shall constitute the
membership of the Section.
2.4 Dues. The dues shall be $20.00 for each member per year. The Section shall not impose an
increase in dues without first amending these Bylaws in accordance with Article 7.

Article 3

3.1 Annual Meeting. The annual meeting of the Section shall be held at a place determined by
the officers on the fourth Thursday in the month of April in each year or such other date as
designated by the Section Officers unless that day is a legal holiday, and if a legal holiday, on the
following Thursday which is not a legal holiday.
3.2 Quorum. Eight (8) Attorney Members of the Section present in person at any meeting shall
constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.
3.3 ControJJing Vote. Action of the Section shaJJ be by majority vote of the Attorney Members
present and voting at any meeting of the Section.
3.4 Agenda. At the annual meeting of the Section members, Officers of the Section shall be
elected and other business may be discussed and voted upon as determined to be appropriate by
the Officers.
3.5 Special Meetings. Special meetings of the membership of the Section may be called by the
Section Chair at such time and place as he or she may determine.
3.6 Notice of Meetings. Written, printed, or electronic notice shall be given to all section
members, stating the date, hour and place of all meetings of members, and in the case of all
special meetings the purpose or purposes for which the meeting is called. Notice shall be
delivered by hand, U.S. mail or e-mail at least five (5) days prior to the date of the meeting to
each member of the Section. If mailed, notice shaJJ be deemed delivered when deposited in the
United States mail addressed to the member at his or her address as it appears on the records of
the Utah State Bar, with the postage thereon prepaid.

Article 4

4.1 Officers. The Officers of the Section shall be a Chair, a Vice Chair, a Treasurer and a CLE
Chair chosen from the Attorney Membership of the Section.
4.2 Section Chair. The Section Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Section and of the
Section Officers. The Chair shall formulate and present at each annual meeting of the Section a
report of the work of the Section for the past year. The Chair shall perform other duties as
usually pertain to this office.
4.3 Vice Chair. Upon the death, resignation or during disahility or unavailability of the Chair,
or upon his or her refusal to act, the Vice Chair shall perform the duties of the Chair for the
remainder of the Chair term except in the case of the Chair's disability or unavailability, and then
only during so much of the term as the disability or unavailability shall continue. The Vice
Chair of the section shall assist the Section Chair. The Vice Chair shall also act as the
coordinator of the Section's Internet web site.
4.4 Treasurer. The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all books, papers, records and other
documents of the Section. He or she shall keep a record of all accounts and of all proceedings of
all meetings ofthe Section and of the Officers, whether assembled or pursuant to teleconference
or other electronic communication. In conjunction with the Chair and Vice Chair, the Treasurer
shall attend generally tot he business of the Section.
4.5 CLE Chairperson. The CLE Chair shall be responsible to plan all continuing legal education
activities of the Section, enlisting such support from Section members and others in presenting
timely and appropriate CLE to Section members and other interested attorneys.

Article 5

5.1 Succession to Offices. The CLE Chair shall automatically succeed to the office of the
Treasurer. The Treasurer shall automatically succeed tot he Office of the Vice Chair. The Vice
Chair shall automatically succeed to the Office of the Chair.
5.2 Elections. A new CLE Chairperson shall be elected each year at the Section's annual
meeting by majority vote of the Attorney Members then in attendance. Iffor lack of
nominations or any other reason no CLE Chair is elected, the position may be filled pursuant to
Section 5.3 below.
5.3 Vacancies. If at any time an office shall become vacant for any reason, then the remaining
Section officers may appoint any Attorney Member of the Section to fill the vacancy for the
balance of the unexpired term. Such appointed person shall not succeed automatically to another
Section Office as provided in section 5.1, above, but shall be subject to elections as provided in
Section 5.2 above.
5.4 Term of Office. The term of office shall begin with the adjournment of the annual meeting
following election or succession to office, as the case may be, and shall end following the annual
meeting at which a successor has been duly elected and qualified, appointed and qualified, or
succeeded to the office, as the case may be.

Article 6

6.1 Committees. The section shall have such committees as may from time to time be appointed
by the Officers to perform such duties and exercise such powers as the Officers may direct.
6.2 Committee Chairperson. Each Committee shall have a Chairperson to be appointed by the
Officers who will then regularly report to the Officers.
6.3 Duties of Committees. Each Committee shall have the responsibilities whieh are delegated
to it by the Officers, whieh may include:
a. To plan and implement section projects including but not limited to Section meetings
and continuing legal educations seminars.
b. To analyze issues and make recommendations to the Officers on matters referred to the
Committee or on its own initiation.
6.4 Membership of Committees. Upon request, any Attorney Member of the Section may be a
member of one or more committees.
6.5 Duties of Members of Committee. A Section Attomey Member shall become a member of a
Committee with the understanding he or she will devote sufficient time to assist the Chairperson
of the Committee in performing the duties of the Committee.
6.6 Meetings. The Committees may act by correspondence or at meetings separate from the
Section. Section members may but need not be given notice of Committee meetings and all
Committee meetings may but need not be open to the public.

Article 7

7.1 These Bylaws may be amended at any meeting of the Section by a majority vote of the
Attorney Members of the Section present and voting.
Certification of Adoption
I certify that the foregoing Bylaws were adopted by vote of the Section Membership of the
Juvenile Law Section of the Utah State Bar at a meeting, duly called on ,2007.
By Julie V. Lund, Section Chair